Offer insurance coverage for various non-life insurable risks and potential financial losses under the directives of Nepal Insurance Authority. Applicable Laws & Actions:

  • Company Act, 2063
  • Insurance Act, 2079
  • Insurance Rules & Regulations, 2049
  • Securities Act 2063
  • Corporate governance Directive,2075
  • Other rules & regulations and guidelines including all the circulars circulated by the regulatory body for non-life insurance companies

For all types of insurance, it is required that the proposal form and KYC forms be fully completed, along with photos and a copy of one's citizenship, passport or pan card.

  • For Vehicle Insurance: Copy of Blue Book, Renewal notice sent from the previous insurance company (for no claim discount).
  • For Property Insurance: Land Ownership certificate (Lalpurja), Nakshaa Pass, Photo of Property to be insured, copies of PAN/VAT registration, company registration for corporate organization.
  • For Marine Insurance: Letter of Credit (L/C), Performa invoice
  • For Agriculture Insurance: Certificate of vaccination for animals, recommendation letter from District Livestock Officer / District Agriculture Officer.
  • For Contractor All Risk: Contract Documents, Bill of Quantity (BOQ), Bar Chart, Letter of Principal
  • Other documents need to be provided as per the chosen insurance portfolio
After the submission and verification of the required documents, we can issue the policy within one hour or if further documents are required it will take maximum of one working day.
The insurance premium required for various policies is as per the directives of Nepal Insurance Authority and as per the rate fixed by underwriting department including stamp duty and Value Added Tax (VAT). No additional service fees are charged apart from the insurance premium.
Renewal notice is sent to the client one month prior to the policy expiration date via email, personal call and SMS.
Claim intimation should be done via email to or can be informed by toll free number 1660-01-66666 or mobile number 9851334708. The claim can also be intimated in respective branches of Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company Limited via email or telephone call. The details for the same are mentioned on our website

For the claim settlements, the following steps will be carried out by the claims department after receiving the claim intimation from the client:

  • A duly filled claim form along with other required document should be submitted to company for settlement of the claim.
  • An independent surveyor or in-house staff will be deputed by company for proper assessment of the damages/loss.
  • After receipt of assessment report and other necessary document, claim department will review the claim and issue discharge voucher for duly approval of customers
  • Discharge Voucher should be sent on to the claimant
  • The claim will be settled as soon as possible once receiving the surveyor report and other necessary documents
  • After receipt of duly signed discharge voucher, claim amount will be dispersed to the customers via online bank transfer or cash / cheque
All the jobs related to shares are done at Global IME Capital Limited, Naxal, Kathmandu. The approval of the transaction of promoter shares and listing is done by the Company Secretary Mr. Devendra Koirala as directed by the Board of Directors of Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company Limited.
The quarterly reports are published every quarter in a National Daily as per the directives from Nepal Insurance Authority
You can call in our toll-free number 1660-01-66666 or 9851347259 or via email /
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